The workplace Health Safety and Welfare regulations 1992 as amended require that all workplaces used for the first time after 31st December 1992 and conversions, extensions or modifications after that date should comply as soon as they are put in to use.

The term workplace means, any premises which are not domestic and are made available to any persons as a place of work. This includes any place within the premises where a person has access while at work, which includes any room, lobby, staircase, road, any place used for access and egress from the place of work and also any place provided for their welfare.

Requirements of the regulations include elements such as ventilation, temperature, lighting, and the correct levels of lighting. Room dimensions and space are also an important factor. This is to ensure that persons at work have sufficient floor area, free space and height for the purpose of the regulations. Doors with regards to size and which way they open, traffic routes and walkways need consideration as do workstations and seating used in the premises.

Here at Core Interior Solutions our team of professionally trained Health and Safety managers and designers working together  to achieve a workplace which is not only inspiring and functional but also safe and meets the legal requirements of all the regulations, and an environment which our customers and all here at Core Interior Solutions are justly proud.

Core Interior Solutions can also provide project management, to ensure all aspects of your works are carried out to excellent standards, keeping within all budgets and timescales and with the minimum amount of disruption even if the building is still client occupied.